The International Literary Festival Ha!wangarda organized in Krakow since 2010 is a celebration of avant-garde, experimental and unconventional creative work. Every year, participants have the opportunity to get to know a wide array of the most interesting developments in digital literature, to see atypical approaches to the medium of the book, and to broaden their literary horizons during numerous workshops and lectures. The Festival is an occasion to exchange experiences, to engage in lively discussions and to participate in creative games — a true avant-garde bacchanalia.

It won’t be any different in 2016.

For the Visegrad edition, we prepared a programme together with partners in the Czech Republic (Psí víno) and Slovakia (Ars Poetica). We are concentrating on the presentation of the creators and organizations from Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

During three intense days (October 6–8), we will explore very different, inspiring and innovative areas.

The first will be the world of the independent publishers that put out art books. In the centre of Krakow, in unusual locations, an exhibition will be set up in multiple places, around which a tour guide and publishing representatives will take participants.  Exceptional books will be on display during the presentations of the creators that will be run throughout the course of the festival events.

The second area, which we wish to present, is an extraordinary subculture — the demoscene. Renowned members of the scene from the Visegrad countries will put forth the most interesting elements of the history of the demoscene, from the beginning to contemporary production. Demoshow will take place on real equipment, like the Atari XL/XE, ZX Spectrum, and Commodore 264 computers. A real treat for fans of lo-fi.

Finally, as every year, the heart of Ha!wangarda will be presentations of new media, generative, and experimental poetry, performances, readings and other works by regulars of the Ha!wangarda scene and those visiting our city of literature for the first time.

We will also not neglect the workshop portion of our programme. We warmly recommend workshops in experimental translation, liberature, conceptualism and electronic music to all participants. They will be led by the best specialists in these fields.

Among the exciting events that will accompany the festival, we have a film screening of Cargo by Sławomir Shuty and Tomasz Bochniak and a lecture by Jay David Bolter!

We invite you all!



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