Martin Solotruk is a poet and translator. As a poet he has so far published four collections of poetry: Tiché vojny (Silent Wars, 1997), for which he was awarded the Premium of Ivan Krasko Prize for the best debut, Mletie (Grinding, 2001), Lovestory: Agens and Paciens (2007) and Planktón gravitácie (Plankton of Gravity, 2007). He also published several book-length translations (Ashbery, Simic, Forché, etc.) and dozens of shorter projects, especially of the world poetry. In 2007 he was awarded the artistic translation of the year award – the Ján Hollý Prize for his translation of The Crow. From the Life and Songs of the Crow by Ted Hughes. Solotruk is also the managing editor of the Ars Poetica Publishing House and a director of the namesake International poetry festival. He has also initiated a number of other interdisciplinary projects including the European Poetry Forum platform. He lives in Bratislava.

Photo by Martina Martina Straková