I started working with GFXs at the end of the 80s and in the early 90s. I was impressed by the capabilities of Amiga500, but I thought that the Plus/4 with its nice color palette could come close to Amiga’s quality of pictures. So I tried to recreate some of them by hand + Microillustrator tool on a color CRT TV. I made some full screen multicolor GFXs, four of them realized in a short demo. It was 2005 when I get started with Plus/4 again, impressed by the new emulator’s speed, and especially Plus/4Emu GFX conversion tools and brand new GFX modes. I started to play a lot with these tools, and made some releases purely related to GFX, like the scanned Conan comic book, Dino slideshow, Iron Maiden slideshow. I also made some converted pictures, which I finetuned or recolored manually in the Multibotticelli – a native Plusy tool. I am an active “Plus/4 world” portal member with some 1000 comments/ideas, but I also contribute a little to the to C64 and Speccy forums. I am mainly an idea generator, who continuously questions the known or accepted boundaries. My more recent works from 2008 onwards are mainly supposed to show the cabailities of the Plus/4 machine, and not MY capabilites 🙂